How To Throw A Fashion Show For Your Kids

Fashion shows are fun and entertaining for not only adults, but for kids as well. Therefore, if adults love fashion shows so much, how can you throw one for your kids? Here are a few key techniques and ideas to get you started on your way down the runway with your kid’s eyes sparkling.


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Clothes are essential in a fashion show. It is what fashion is all about. The runway and celebrities came after it started to be a hit. However, when putting a fashion show on for your kids, will be a little easier and less expensive compared to a nationalized fashion show. The first thing to think about it a theme, then you can scavenge through your closet to find a group of clothes that match with your ideal theme. If you want to put on an evening dress, make your theme “Under the Stars” and pick out additional cloths that would have something similar to the theme. You can pick out a few clothes from your kids closets to match if you want to involve them down the runway.


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Shoes are another concept to fashion shows. Yes, they are clothes, but in the fashion industry, every accessory and shoe has to flow with the overall look you are trying to achieve. Therefore, find some shoes and maybe a few necklaces that will go with your attire and theme. You can find ones that will be easy to walk down the runway with, or if you are feeling a little dangerous, you can pull out those dusted up heels that you miss dearly. Becoming a parent clothes can get lost, and bringing those out might spark a fun and entertaining night for not only your kids but you and your partner as well. You never know.


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Makeup has its quarks and has its elegance. However, when adding it into a fashion show is another key element to a successful show. Make sure you stick to your theme and pick something that will go with all the outfits you choose to make changing clothes easier during transitions of being on and off the runway.

The Runway

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The runway can be anything from books to tarps. Making a runway is simple, you just have to be creative and safe as you know you will be walking down it as the music treads on. Make sure it has a snake like pattern to make things more fun and entertaining for your kids to be entertained. They will love the extra swirl you do at the end for a showstopper.

Music and Film

Adding music to your show will make the show complete. Moreover, it will give you a few moments between songs to change clothes and will give you ideas of what and how to pose on the runway. Just do not forget to film the show, you will want to show it to your kids later in life, when they ask you if you remember doing that for them. It will only bring smiles for the current moment and in the future.

In conclusion, putting on a fashion show for your kids is rather simple and fun. If you expressed to your kids you are going to do a fashion show, then get them involved in the key elements above and it will make the show more memorable. You might have a new top model right in front of you that you did not know was there until you gave them this outlet. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime and one that your kids will love you for doing. If you feel that extra need, tell your friends and family about what you are doing, and maybe you can get them to plan a date when you all can get together to do one large show. What do you think your kids will have to say about it in their future? Maybe it will inspire them or give them an idea to do for your grandchildren in the future.

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