How to get fashionable looking clothes for your kids at low prices

Whether you are looking to get the back-to-school outfits or it the summer-kick off outfits, your kids continuously need new clothes as they are always outgrowing their previous garments. Now you may be having a girl and a boy so the old trick might not work for you. You will have no choice but to hit the store since your boy will probably not put on his older sister’s pants. Now sometimes you ever wonder why you have to pay full price for a toddlers jeans that are way like quarter size compared to an adults jeans. Yes probably all of us are disturbed by that fact (and by stuff like this) but do we have a choice. Here I will give a few tricks on how to cut down on the costs of getting fashionable clothes for your kids.

Ignore collections

Most kid’s clothing stores will stage their latest collections at the front strategically where everyone who passes by the store will have first to see it. It’s a form of persuasion for you to buy the different pieces or even the whole collection. You will find it hard to ignore the beautiful extra collections placed next to the pair of pants you’ve liked. The hair clip will look amazing on your girl but let’s agree that most times it is entirely unnecessary to purchase it. Just ignore the collections and head straight to the back of the store where the clearance clothes are and put at discount prices. This will help you get very stylish outfits and collections yet at the same time cheaply helping you save.

Thinking Ahead

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This especially or mostly applies to when you are getting seasonal clothes for your kids. For example if you are purchasing winter clothes for your kids which is not going to last forever. This means that you have to buy clothes like sweaters which your kids will put on till spring starts kicking in. It is essential that you purchase slightly large ones for your kids since once spring kicks in it don’t mean that winter is over hence, they can still use the same clothes for the next season. Larger clothes will leave room for your kids to grow and you won’t need to buy new ones the upcoming season. With this, you get to save cash and then the most stylish clothes you want for your kids at once.

Sharing Basics

There are basics which can actually be shared by your daughter and son and also passed down too. You can get clothes like jackets, hoodies, gloves and even boots in neutral colors such as black and brown so they can be shared and handed-down. Buying these as one pair can be a major relief and help you save while still getting the most stylish one that you like for your kids.

Buying playing clothes

This is especially when you know your kids are going to be playing at the beach, at the park and riding bikes. There is a difference between getting your kids summer play clothes and fall school clothes since the prices and quality are different. You can look for deals that offer play quality clothes for cheap and get your kids that pair of shirts, sweatpants, flip flops and shorts just as you like them.

Swapping with friends

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Yes this is a great idea, using the resources you have to your advantage. Just the same you do adult clothing swaps, you can ask your friends to bring over the beautiful clothing that their kids have outgrown and swap them with yours that fit their kids. This way everyone wins, and you get to have new cute clothes without having to spend any cash. More info on how to do this here.

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