Easiest ways to instill good hygiene habits in your child

No parent wants his or her kid to be smelly at any time of the day, however, trying to make them understand the importance of washing their bodies and brushing their teeth after every meal can a frustrating and tricky affair. The hygiene routine of lather, rinse and repeat is senseless to a child. Lucky for you this article will be discussing quick and easy grooming tips for with much focus on how a parent or a guardian can encourage his or her child to have good hygiene practices.

Begin with basic practices

Basic good hygiene practices include washing ones severally in a single day, use of soap when washing hands, washing hands immediately after using the bathroom as well as well as proper rinsing. The center for disease control recommends the use of soap and water rather than hand sanitizers. To make this fun come up with a chorus that they can sing while washing.

Serve as an example

Who doesn’t wish to his or her child’s role model! Ensure that your children can observe your hygiene habits. Make sure they are with you in the bathroom when you are combing your hair when washing your face in the morning and at night, remind yourself in a loud voice to brush your teeth after meals and washing your hands before meals. Even though they’re too young for it, even making a big deal about putting on your deoderant shows that you are serious about taking care of yourself. If they see you doing the above activities, they will undoubtedly follow suit.

Put to good use interactive resources and visuals

For your information, there are several grooming application a good example is the Pepi Bath. This app enables a child to choose between being a boy or girl through its characterization feature. It can train a kid on how to apply shampoo on their hair, how to wash their hands, on how to use the toilet, how to put clothes in a washing machine and many more. Apart from the application software, there are loads of children books as well as videos on the grooming subject. With visuals and interactive resources, all you have to do is relax as you observe from a distance how they learn.

Research has proven

Turn it into a routine children thrive well in methods. Include teeth brushing and hair into your morning daily, research has proven. Turn bath time into a precursor of the bedtime story. With such routines, it won’t be long before they incorporate this activity into their everyday culture. It won’t be a surprise if they remind you when you forget or lazy.

Pump their excitement

By adding an incentive can make the child be looking forward towards grooming. A stimulus can make something small like buying getting them the cool toothbrush, toothpaste of their flavors or even a rubber duck. It doesn’t take rocket science to create the mundane magical. There are several toys relating to grooming you can choose from.

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